Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Speak Over Your Life Pastor Robert McBee

Speak Over Your Life------Jesus was coming her way is really not of the
greatest concern - the fact that she heard He was coming and then
decided to Speak Over Her Life- She spoke, "IF I COULD JUST TOUCH THE
HEM OF HIS GARMENT", I would gain my healing. She had to take the last
strength and all of her faith that she had to reach out and touch
Christ. Pastor Robert McBee, made it very clear -the woman with the
issue wasn't going out without a fight. She wasn't worried about how she
looked or what everybody was thinking. Pastor Robert McBee brought the
woman's problems/issues to our 21st century modern day times. He
expounded on our own issues and stated we need to touch HIM- HIS- HEM,
spiritually. The sick woman only BELIEVED and she was made whole. Even
Jesus, told her it was her faith. She believed and spoke over her life.
To have faith means that we believe, breath and live knowing that “all
things work for the greater good of those who love God....” Mark 5:24,28