Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Count it All Joy Pastor Robert McBee

          Count it All Joy  By Pastor Robert McBee

 Pastor Robert McBee, gives us a word of encouragement on when
 life seems to be holding you down he gives us a quick formula.
Start with elevating your knowledge and your love for Jesus, by
 reading the word of God.. James 1:1-3..     
James was the oldest half-brother of the Lord Jesus (Matt. 13.55). He
witnessed Christ’s appearance following His resurrection (1 Cor. 15:7),
and was among those who assembled together following the Ascension (Acts
1:14), He awaited the coming of the Holy Spirit. Later he became a leader of the believers of Jerusalem (Acts 12:17).
James kept the potentially explosive situation concerning Gentile evangelism
under control. In addition, he helped draft a very tolerant letter to
the Gentile Christians in Antioch regarding their status (Acts 15:13-19).
James tells us to count it all joy in the midst of your trials. What he
teaches us makes us think about how we should react to the things that
take away our joy. For we have all been hurt, disappointed, challenged,
and overwhelmed by the many different trails that come our way, but many
of these things cause our joy to fade. But, they can become the
opposite – they can become a source of even greater joy.